Luo Li gnaws his teeth and reaches out to input nine cold cicada ice jade! In short, the extraction of foreign forces is also a step for the later combination! Tang Chen asked tentatively: "Yuan blue and white? Vase?" And in front of him, originally on his throne, sat a small, shriveled, freckled old dwarf. Zihao and Zang Feichen were more pale. They could not help but imagine what would happen if they wer But who this person is, a person or a group of people, there is no way to know. Gonggong zhurong and other gods rushed to Wang Hanchao. They were eager to accept apprentices. Among In fact, he can roughly guess what Liu Boyuan thinks. After a brief pause, he said in a dignified manner, "you can wait here with me. Don't think abou Hu Hao said to the students with tears in his eyes, In winter, the cavalry can only walk down the mountain for a lot of reasons. All of a sudden, a voice said, "the nine steps finger wheel? That's a coincidence." However, in the blink of an eye, only two or three computers in the room are still in good condition In this way, Chen Yihan's three eyes will look behind him. If this is destroyed, the spirit stone income of the whole Ximen family will be severely damaged, an With a scream, he grabs Ye Yiming's arm in a hurry. If Zhong Chuhong finds out her love affair with ye Qianwen, she will not fall out with each other. The clear chant of concussion void rings again. The flower of the spirit that is about to agglomerat

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