According to the original intention of the cheap wolf, he wanted to find a parallel direction and th After getting off the bus, go straight to Xuan Ya Zhai. There were also larger merchants who organized ships south to Constantinople, where they did not sel Because he still couldn't explain Yue Chong, the guy still wanted to attack Tianxuan in an all-r Among the groups of Ershi people, one of them flew out with the sound and hit hard under the wall of "Sister Xiaowan, you see, brother Minghui doesn't accompany us now. He just goes to play with hi Mana: 60 + 0 ("+" is the additional value related to the master's mana), We all nodded and didn't ask too much. When the boss saw Fang Yajun, his eyes flashed. Fang Yajun was wearing sunglasses at that time, but He believed that no matter what conditions were given to Hyundai by 6jing, he would have enough chip Xu Zheng was overjoyed: "it's Duan younger martial brother! Let's go out!" This is the magic weapon refined by the "gate" of the palace of ten thousand flowers. Violent breath dispersed, left pole a pine, blue awn finally moved again. "Ah, villain, you said, you haven't brushed your teeth. Let's go quickly!" "It's said that Xuanyuan holy sword has the power to kill immortals and kill demons. We're f However, ye Yiming seems to realize that the identity of Yuanjiang is not simple among the yuans. Then Tang Yu turned around and faced Uncle Xu. He put the high-level Xuanguang Qingyuan pill in his The black wolf demon was in a strong spirit and hummed feebly: "listen to me, you have met a noble m

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