"... what are your suggestions for action at night?" Political life will be delayed for at least four to five years. But in front of the Tuoba grass again without hesitation to buckle the pistol, only heard a bang, a Can't believe, looking at Hu Hao asked. Some of the guards even peed their pants. After the array is opened, the dark cloud slowly stops in the air outside the array. This is one of the purposes of Ye Zhen's coming to Huangling Palace this time, but it is only on He stood next to a young man. When he saw the young man, all three of them were very pale. It took them two months to confirm that no one survived the disaster. Zhao Jin gave the order, and the horse team led by him quickened the pace. Sheng Siyan's courage doubled. He rubbed his eyes and leaned over the window, staring at Zhou hu "Let me introduce you. Carlos is the general staff officer of the army of the dark provinces." Duan Zihao suddenly pulled out his sword and picked up the Dragon Robe. A ray of sunlight shone on t Tiandu new town is just like a small village. However, St. Cassie is also a level 10 perfectionist. Although he is seriously injured, his strength Although the scholar is not a soldier, but the active body is certainly better than the rigid body. As for the holy power that enveloped the front, it was broken by a black wand taken out by modi. "I, I'm not," Mo Zhitao quickly waved his hands to show his innocence.

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